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Lincoln Avenue Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

All parents and teachers are urged to join the PTA to unite home, school, and the community for our children.  Money raised through dues and fundraising is used for cultural arts assemblies, after-school programs, field trips, instructional equipment and materials, and similar needs. Meeting dates are posted on the calendar.  PTA meetings are open to all.  Please join us.  



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2020-21 PTA Executive Board

Julie Phelan  845-216-3594  mrsjuliephelan@optonline.net

Co-Vice Presidents
VP Activities - Maureen Gallagher  845-633-0667  mrieb@yahoo.com

VP Events - Sue Corlett  914-715-6662  smarini23@hotmail.com

VP Fundraising - Erin McGee  845-664-0435  erinvmcgee@gmail.com

VP Hospitality - Samantha Delgardio  845-304-7829  samdelgardio@gmail.com

Receivables - J.Sara Dworkin  845-721-1818  jsarageorgi@yahoo.com

Payables & Accounting - Lauren Fregonese  845-494-1132  lfregonese@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary/Social Media
Emily Castillo  845-735-8218  emilymcastillo@gmail.com

Co-Recording Secretaries
Danielle Conway  845-304-6854  dconway917@gmail.com

Debbie Cheatham  845-304-5226  debbiecheatham79@gmail.com