Allergy Free Snack Information

Allergy Free Snack Information

Although we are NOT a peanut-free school, we are "allergy aware" and we encourage students to bring peanut/nut free snacks for in the classroom.  

Available Snacks for Purchase in the Cafeteria :

Gluten Free:

We sell baked Frito Lay snacks.  The ones that are gluten free are:
- Cheetos
- Oven Baked Lays, regular only and not flavored
- Doritos, both Nacho and Cool Ranch
- Fruit snacks and fruit roll ups

Peanut Free:

All of our snacks are peanut free except for Chex mix and granola bars.  While the Chex mix and granola bars may not directly contain peanuts, they are manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts and may contain trace ingredients.